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Roger. Well, we are fixing it.

The Notam system is unchanged since 1924, UPPER CASE, undecipherable, coded, mostly useless, hiding the critical few amongst the irrelevant many.

The solution involves all of us - Pilots, Controllers, and Dispatchers. We need your help to shape it.

Real quick: Are you a pilot, controller, dispatcher, or some other kind of Notam user?

OK. Couple of easy questions on the present system. First, tell us how easy it is to read and understand. Choose one:

Notams are supposed to tell you about essential changes. Have you ever missed one? Choose one:

Last question, before we fix things. Click on the ones that you agree with.

The solution. We believe in two aspects to the Notam fix. The first is the presentation of the information. Click on all ideas that you like

The solution - Part 2. We believe in a Notam system based on distributed trust: where vetted users AND the Aviation Authority can contribute, ensuring politics are removed, and all risks can be flagged. This means that Pilots, Dispatchers, and Air Traffic Controllers could add reports. What statement do you most agree with?

Last thing: If you ❤ Notams, leave this blank.

If not, give us one simple suggestion for improving the current system. If you like, give us more, or share your thoughts.
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As part of the solution, we're building an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Critical Notam Machine that would radically filter the legacy system. Would you, in theory, be interested in taking part in validating this?

A request: we really want to get as much help from the ops community as possible. Could you tell a colleague or friend about this project?

Thanks. You're a star. Curious what we're doing? Click the big orange button.

Got more? Email us at notam-fixers@fsbureau.org.
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